Who we are:
Snacking healthy is hard! After years of feeling frustrated by the lack of healthy snack options available to us, we set out to create an innovative and healthy snack from our favorite nutritious food: AVOCADOS! And through immense R&D Avo Crazy Avocado Puffs were born! Our delicious avocado puffs are vegan, gluten free, & have 100 calories per serving making them the perfect addition to your regular snacking routine!
How we give back:

In an effort to help end hunger in our local SF community, for every case of puffs we sell we will be donating 1 meal to hungry families, the homeless, and impoverished elders in the San Francisco community through a partnership with the SF Marin Foodbank. 1 in 5 residents in San Francisco and Marin needs food assistance and we are proud to be part of the solution that reduces this.